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FREE shipping on orders over 100$ (Restrictions apply)

Volkl V-Cell 10 300

by Volkl
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Introducing the V-Cell 10 300g! Like the V-Feel model it replaces, this racquet is perfect for the intermediate player who values speed, spin and precision. It should also work for the advanced player who wants an ultra fast option or a platform for customization. For this update, Volk thickens the beam at the midsection of the head, resulting in a slightly more solid and lively feel at impact. It also features.

V-Cell material (a cellulose based carbon) in the shaft and head for a more comfortable, stable and responsive hitting experience. Like the previous generation, this racquet's butt cap and innovative REVA based handle system have been meticulously designed to deliver a smoother, more arm-friendly feel at impact.

From the baseline, V-Cell 10 300g combines lightning speed with impressive accuracy on full swings. The speedy acceleration makes it easy for players to swing big and load the ball with spin. This stick is also for scrambling on defense or cranking winners on the run. At net, this stick plays great on reaction volleys.

The speed is also an asset on service returns where it comes around fast to deliver easy targeting on full swings. With some incremental tweaks to the feel, the V-Cell 10 300g is an obvious choice for those who want the precision of a player's racquet minus the heavy weight.