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FREE shipping on orders over 100$ (Restrictions apply)

Volkl V-Blast Set

by Volkl
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The V-Blast has an incredible feel thanks to the combination of the V-Feel and V-Icon strings. As such, the Volkl V-Feel is a soft, high-performance multifilament. The Polyurethane coating gives an excellent response while being gentle on the arm. Furthermore, the metallic helix coils provide increased spin with a better ball bit that offers more control.

Volkl also employs a proprietary bonding process for improved tension retention and consistency. Volkl V-Icon Natural Gut is a natural gut with high quality and performance. For example, the V-Icon provides plenty of power and control as well as arm-friendly shock absorption.


• Length: V-Feel: 22 feet / 6.7m, V-Icon: 21 feet / 6.4m
• Construction: V-Feel: Multifilament, V-Icon: Natural Gut
• Colour: V-Feel: Black, V-Icon: Natural

Colour: Yellow-Black